MQP 2: Introduction to Assessment and Treatments

The three energy centers and energy fields.

This second course is designed to introduce the student to the further theories of energy purgation, tonification, regulation and cultivation. In addition, strengthening the body’s protective energy field (Wei Qi) and the techniques used to avoid absorbing Toxic Qi while in a clinical environment will be discussed.

Students are led through a progressive series of advanced Shen Gong (Spirit Skill) meditations and exercises, used to develop advanced intuitive assessment skills. Additionally, students will learn the Medical Qigong treatment protocol for treating clients.

Other topics covered in this course will include:

  • Developing Energetic Sensitivity and Perception Skills
  • Energetic Projection Skills
  • Advanced emotional detoxification therapy
  • Yi-Quan meditation exercises to develop focused intention of mind and energy
  • Introduction to clinical energetic assessment techniques
  • Introduction to prescriptions and clinical treatments
  • Leading toxic energy out of the body


Students will develop energetic assessment and projection skills with a focus on clinical Qigong therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Emphasis will be placed on the practical clinical applications of Medical Qigong Therapy.

Required text: “Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Text” or “The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine” Volumes 1 – 4

Prerequisite: Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy (MQP 1)