Five Elements Theory

Five Elements is a system that has been developed over the past 15,000 years to help explain the shifts and changes of natural phenomena and how these changes affect our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Water Winter

This theory is based on the most scientific of processes involving observation and cataloguing for over 3000 years.

The Five Element Theory is the basis for the longest running, continuously used form of assessment and healing on the planet. The theory depends on a process of generation, destruction, and control.

The basic concept is that by observation, palpation, sensual exploration and questioning, one may ascertain where body energies are blocked and as appropriate method of release can be found that will bring the body energies back into balance with each other and with the Cosmic Qi.

Wood Spring


The basic process of balancing energy using the Five Elements is one of releasing the excess and directing the excess into the areas of deficiency.

Observation of breathing patterns is a powerful tool in establishing areas of excess and deficiency.

Fire Summer

Holding the segment of the body where the least amount of breath is apparent and encouraging involvement of the segment by using hands on methods and visualizations can release the physical, emotional, and psychic blocks.


The yin meridians are our connection with the emotional body. These meridians give access to the language of the spirit ie: emotions.

Earth Autumn

Encouraging, honouring, and expressing our emotions is one way Shen (spirit) helps to bring our energies into balance.

Excessive emotional holding or the continual dominance of one emotion indicates imbalance in the body’s energy system.

The basic nature of the yin meridians is one of acceptance. The yin organs store energy and emotions. By releasing the held energy the emotions may be released. as well.

Metal Fall

Our separation from the mother began with our first breath and our return to the mother will be heralded by our last.

The breath is the secret key to unlock energy and emotions from the yin organs. Breathe into the emptiness.