Channeling Your Guides with Wendy Lang

Tuition: $295

Channeling your guides is a skill that can be learned. The most important prerequisite is your desire and intention to make the connection. In this course you will learn how to connect with your highest guides and/or Higher Self, and verbally channel their message. Wendy has successfully helped many people to channel using safe, simple, and effective techniques. We will cover what a trance state is, how guides transmit messages, your role as a receiver and translator, how to recognize high-level guides, what to expect, and how to develop your channeling skills.

Learning to connect with a guide is for all of you that are on a path of spiritual growth and want to receive higher guidance. It is for healers, teaches, artists, and all who want to connect with their soul and the higher realms. It is for those who want to manifest their highest purpose in this lifetime. The spaces you can travel to when you channel are endless doorways into unlimited new experiences of growth.

In this class, Wendy and her guides will teach you how to go into trance, and verbally channel your guide. You will learn how to connect with a high level guide to bring through messages for yourself and others. Even more powerfully, you can experience Wendy and her guides’ energies as they direct and assist you in this work. We recommend reading Sanaya Roman’s book, “Opening to Channel” in preparation for the course.

Wendy Lang channels everyday as an integral part of her life and her work. She assisted her late partner, Phillip Weber, in teaching this class. Since his passing she has been empowered by his presence connecting to the guides’ realms and holding the portal open and accessible to students taking the course. Wendy offers Medical Qigong trainings in the USA and Canada.

Prerequisite: None