Energy Psychology – Thought Field Therapies

Tuition Fee: $175

Thought Field Therapies have been described as the most radical breakthroughs in psychological energy blocks.

Negative emotions or thoughts trigger energy disruptions in the electrical field of the body with direct correlations to the energy meridians.

By tapping an established code and sequence along precise energy points on the meridians long held emotional patterns, phobias or pain can be alleviated almost instantaneously.

This class is an overview of different styles of Thought Field Therapies from energy and meridian based perspectives. Muscle Testing Techniques, Correction Protocols for Psychological Reversal and other blocks will be demonstrated. Point energetics as well as specialized treatment algorhythms will be presented.

Thought Field Therapies are a holistic paradigm shift in moving energetic blocks.

This class will be 50% experiential or “hands on” and 50% will provide history, theory and background to the energy psychology therapies.

Prerequisite: None