TCM: Expanding Your Theoretical Horizons

Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Experiential Overview
Expanding Your Theoretical Horizons

Tuition Fee: $ 800.

May 24 – 28, 2023
Victoria,  BC

In this course we will introduce and explore Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and techniques with a Medical Qigong perspective.  An introduction to the theory of the Eight Principals will be taught and co-related to the Five Element Theory as a means of deepening understanding of the etiology of Imbalance.

Together we will explore: exogenous and endogenous causes of dis-ease including the Six External Pathogens, the Seven Evil Emotions and the Four Levels (protection, Qi, nutrition, blood). Zang/Fu theory will be reviewed. This course will include many experiential components including Pulse and Tongue Assessment, herbal formulas, as well as learning about Moxibustion, Akabani and Cupping techniques.  We will practice Dynamic, Respiratory and Mental Dao Yin Qigong each day.

In this seminar I plan to invite various TCM, Five Element and Japanese Acupuncturists and an Herbalist Practitioner and/ or  Doctors  to teach as part of the Five Day seminar. This will be an experiential class with lots of hands on techniques.  We will be integrating Dynamic, Respiratory and Mental Dao Yin Qigong every day to enhance our own practice of Qi Cultivation.

A requirement for completion of the Medical Qigong Therapist certification from the International Institute of Medical Qigong is completion of 50 hours of TCM courses.  This class, which includes a self study take home exam, meets that 50 hour requirement.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Medical Qigong Practitioner course work, or Advanced Jin Shin Do®, or First year Acupuncture College, or by permission of the Instructor